The beautiful Sandringham farm in Stellenbosch set the scene for this year’s South African Cheese Festival. Nearly 30 000 cheese-lovers came to enjoy a weekend full of cheese, wine and other delicacies.

In true Italian style, we invited guests to join the Galbani table. Italian chef Lapo Magni joined the table to share a few of his recipes using the delicious and versatile Galbani fresh Mozzarella and Galbani Mascarpone.

First on the menu was a Galbani Mozzarella, Parma Ham and fig tart, topped with wild rocket and generous lashings of balsamic glaze. This delicious tart is easy to recreate at your own table at home and is always sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Chef Lapo, famous for his signature risotto dishes, then delighted the guests with a Galbani Mascarpone pea risotto, with a crispy pancetta topping to complement the creamy dish. For the grand finale, we shared a Galbani Mascarpone gelato with lemon zest and crumble – so delicious it had the crowds lining up for more!

It was our first year to join the SA Cheese Fest, and as newcomers, we were especially proud to be awarded Best Stand in the National Cheese category. We were delighted to take home our trophy and our guests were delighted to take home some delicious Galbani cheese.