Buon appetito! With the launch of Galbani, Italy’s favourite cheese brand, by Parmalat SA, South Africans now get the chance to enjoy food the way Italians do.
Galbani Mozzarella, made fresh in the fior da latte style, and Mascarpone are the first two Galbani products introduced to the South African market. These premium products are now made locally by Parmalat SA’s own cheese-makers, trained at the Galbani factory in Italy:

• Galbani fresh Mozzarella, a low fat, soft cheese available in a 125g dry vacuum pack. Without water this packaging ensures that the freshness and mild, creamy taste is preserved for longer. It has a fresh, milky taste and soft, delicate texture.

• Galbani Mascarpone, a fresh, soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a milky-white, fluffy and creamy texture and is available in a convenient 250g tub.

“Galbani’s passionate approach to cheese-making and excellence made it Italy’s favourite cheese brand,” says Andrea Agostini, general manager: Parmalat SA. “From small beginnings in 1882 when Egidio Galbani and his father Davide opened their cheese making shop, their dedication to quality and innovation grew into a company that now sells over 400 products in over 120 countries.”
Honing its expertise over the past 134 years, Galbani excels at traditional cheese-making, combining it with modern industrial methods to make fresh Italian cheese more widely available. The pioneers were the first to launch mozzarella on an industrial scale in 1956, making it a household name in Italy and across Europe, and establishing the company slogan ‘Galbani means trust’.
According to the renowned Cape Town-based Italian chef Giorgio Nava, Galbani has been a part of his life since childhood. “My mother had a dairy farm and supplied milk to Galbani. It brings back memories of long ago,” he recalls.

Nava, an ambassador for the brand and the convivial Italian way of eating, praises the versatility of the Galbani Mozzarella and Mascarpone as ingredients, inspiring home cooks to bring the Italian spirit to their cooking.He adds mozzarella to classic Arancini, giving the crumbed rice balls a surprising soft centre. His Caprese salad of tomatoes, basil, lashings of good olive oil and generous slices of mozzarella draws attention to the delicate taste and creamy texture of the fresh cheese. He dices the mozzarella over roasted Melanzane tossed with orecchiette pasta (“little ears”) for its milky creaminess.

Galbani Mascarpone’s fluffy and creamy texture is a key ingredient in tiramisu, the traditional pick-me-up with its coffee flavour. Another Nava-tip is to use mascarpone with a dash of nutmeg in mashed potato instead of butter, as a savoury spread or dip, or to stir through hot pasta for a simple, and simply delicious sauce. Also enjoy with fruit or as a dessert topping, or in savoury dishes such as soup or quiche.

Says André Mahoney, Parmalat SA marketing executive: “It gives us great pleasure to introduce food lovers to the Galbani Table and to enjoy food the way the Italians do. We are very proud of these products; and with the current explosion of fine dining and interest in cooking, entertaining and good food, discerning diners are sure to embrace these premium cheeses.” In-store tastings and a series of lunches and dinners around the ‘The Galbani Table’, showcasing the Italian way of eating, will form part of the brand’s South African launch. Galbani will be available at selected Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar stores nationwide. The recommended retail price for the Galbani Mozzarella ball (125g vacuum pack) is R24.99 and for the 250g tub Galbani Mascarpone, R29.99.